Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Technological Advances Available For Smart Bathrooms

The smart home craze has come to the bathroom. There are showers that can heat themselves, toothbrushes that give you the perfect polish and innovations to make hygiene rituals incredibly convenient.

Smart showers mean you no longer have to wait until the water is the perfect temperature. There is a Wi-Fi device you hook up to your water heater. The touch screen is then installed into your bathroom. Once the water temperature in your shower is the right temperature you make it your favorite setting. You can start your shower before you get out of bed and it is always the right temperature. The price is $1,225 for the shower kit. The shower head is not included and most individuals will require a plumber for installation.

An additional advantage to a smart shower is they conserve water. When you are rinsing out your hair the water will be at the maximum flow. When you step out from the flow to get something the water reduces to eighty percent. When you move away completely the flow is then reduced to forty percent. This cuts your bathroom water consumption by fifty percent and the cost is $200.

Another addition to your smart bathroom is a hands free faucet. There are numerous styles to choose from so they will match your bathroom fixtures, even if you have a nice faux brick wall. The infrared sensor will turn the faucet on or off when you wave your hands in front of it, although you can still accomplish this by turning the handle. The faucet cost is $59 and it is simple to install. Keep in mind the way the valves are designed they harbor a lot more bacteria so they are not hygienic. They will cut your water consumption by fifty percent since the water only runs when you are actually using the faucet. 

Smart toilets analyze the weight to be flushed in the bowl and dispense the right amount of water. They adjust and monitor the water usage and cost $5,120. They use approximately twenty percent less water than a regular toilet. There are infrared motion sensors that let you know when to open or lower the lid and are supposed to flush automatically. They do not always flush when needed. Another type of toilet coming to the market collects and analyzes samples. The toilet looks at blood, protein and sugar every time you sit down.

Smart toothbrushes give you a plan for brushing your teeth. A sensor positions, detects pressure and includes an app for your smartphone to show you the progress. Another type of smart toothbrush uses the camera on your phone to show you areas that require more attention. You must stand still while you are brushing your teeth and the prices vary from $155 to $230.

Smart scales uses incredibly small electrical impulses and use your body's fat percentage to deduce your weight. The readings are accurate and the data can be translated into graphs so your progress can be charted. There are scales capable of measuring your heart rate by using your feet and even give you environmental data like the quality of your indoor air. You will be prompted to open your windows if the oxygen level is too low. You can set them next to a faux brick wall and achieve a fantastic look for your bathroom.

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